website for booking visits to artists studios

A couple of months ago, I found a book about the contemporary art market. In the back of the book, there was a paragraph mentioning the need to split the dependent relationship between art and the art market.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that paragraph for days to come and spent my free time thinking of ways to make the split possible. The solution that I came to resulted in

First, I imagined removing the middleman or ‘institution,’ between artist and public. This includes the art market, art museums, art galleries, etc. It was a nice idea in theory, but where would the artist and audience meet if the ‘institution’ was removed? One of the built in benefits of the ‘institution’ is that it provides the art and audience with a meeting point. would become the “showroom” where artists could meet the audience interested in their work, engage with them, see what they like and dislike, and provide a space where they can buy small or big artworks if they want. provides a huge opportunity for artists to build long relationships with their fanbase. For the public, it is a great opportunity to meet the person behind the artworks they love, ask questions, and open the door for negotiating better prices. 

Artist Studio Visit Platform provides an opportunity for the artist and the art lovers to establish a direct relationship as well as a chance for artists to stay in permanent and direct contact with their audience. Artists can define a time to open their studios, giving their audience a chance to see and buy artwork. The artist’s studio essentially becomes the showroom. Art lovers would have the unique opportunity get to know the artist personally.

Ever wonder what your favorite artist is currently working on? Where he or she gets inspiration? How he or she physically creates the masterpieces? Now you can.