Collection of the Contemporary Fine Art Fame

This is an art work consisting in a trading card game of 700 different cards with portraits of some the most ‘famous’ artists in the contemporary fine art world. The cards can be sorted in three volumnes exclusively designed for this project. The second volume is dedicated to the Venice Biennale 2015.

Every card has been printed in an edition of 1000. Cards are acquired in seal envelops including five cards each one. The goal of the project is to give a wider range of people the opportunity to have an art work wished by many and also created by itself. Generate interest to more people in the Contemporary Art and who is behind it.


During my childhood, there was nothing more exciting than collecting and trading cards of famous Mexican wrestling figures. Each week, as soon as I got my allowance, I ran to the corner store to buy them, driven not just by the fervour for my heroes, but also by a kind of urge to fill the card album and attain hero status among my friends. In 2002, when I started my career as a visual artist, I realized many adults I met still shared the same childlike fascination with heroes, for heroes pervade all ages and social spheres, including that of the art world.

While trading cards generates a sense of community among those who share the same passion for collectibles, it also contributes to the popularity of a given figure. My art project appropriates and transfers such mechanisms to the realm of the art world. Why? One of the main reasons for choosing this format is its participatory structure. Here, the limited edition cards featuring small reproductions of artists amount to thousands of small and affordable art pieces that cannot be the property of one, two or ten individuals, but of hundreds, if not thousands who thus generate a secondary market. So speculation becomes not a matter of a few individuals, but rather of a democratic mass. However, there are only 50 complete collections out there. Thus while they remain an object of desire, they can be obtained regardless of income, social standing, art knowledge, ethnicity, etc.

All cards are for free, more information how to get the cards and album at