Fame vs Knowledge in Art:

Current paradigm vs new paradigm


72067de9fe290e2f395edd51e4e30729The current paradigm who rules the art world is “Fame”, 99% of people think that the quality of the work of an artist is-sticked or related with the fame of name of the artist, or the fame of the museum or institution who shows the work, or fame of the collector who bought the work, or the fame of the art gallery who represents the artist, but I’m afraid to tell that is not necessary so. Fame is highly susceptible to hidden variables like corruption, speculation, nepotism, traffic of influences, etc. and this has nothing to do with art. It is actually an elite of people (a couple of thousand) who define what we consider art and will be art for the current and the next generations, and this is really worrisome.

In ODBK we are proposing and establishing a new paradigm for the art world free of those variables. The new paradigm is to define the importance of the artists and the price of the artworks, based on the taste and knowledge in the art of representative groups that compose the art world. Those representative groups are what we call in the ODBK the Art Market Regulation Commission or AMARC. The AMARC take important decisions for the art world, using alternative economic models like PARECON (Participative Economy) and democratic processes like Referendum and Demarchy. To measure the taste and knowledge in art, in ODBK we have created the Pure Taste Indicator or PTI, a new reference model to create more equality and diversity for the art world.