Meetings and Lectures

[:en]We start 2017 with a new series of meetings in Berlin more informal and with the purpose to build an stronger knowledge and confidence in the people to face, understand and appreciate contemporary Art.
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Berlin Understanding and Appreciation in Contemporary Art

Berlin, DE
265 Members

Many people ask what is contemporary art? is that really art? how should I understand that? am I too stupid to understand it? am I too poor to get involved in it?In this grou…

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08.11.2017 Meeting VI: Literature in the Contemporary Art with Vanessa Souli

04.07.2017 Meeting V: The Science in the Contemporary Art with Karin Eden

14.06.2017 Meeting IV: Digital Art with Wolf Lieser

18.02.2017 Meeting III: Sound Art with Katrinem and Sam Auinger

05.02.2017 Meeting I: Joseph Beuys with Robert Buchowsky