How to obtain references from top art world professionals?


Gallery owner with artistAs artist I have faced many problems that many other artists have, for example: every time an artist send a portfolio to some gallery, if it is not really of the interest of the gallery owner, a feedback is never send it back, the same happened with the art contest maybe the artist was very close to win but you will never know. Then as we mention in other posts of this blog, fame is the current paradigm of how the importance of the artist is measured, and the fame is builded with references that an artist normally stamps in their CV. To write a prestige reference in the artist CV could cost years, tears and sweat. 

To shorten the way to find a prestige reference for the CV of an artist, ODBK proposes the T-Evaluations. The T-Evaluations are qualitative and quantitative examinations of the work of an artist made by a participant of the art world with years of knowledge and experience in art from the AMARC database, these could be a curator, gallery owner, art historical, art critic, etc.. The T-Evaluator (this is how we call the highly experienced evaluators in ODBK) will provide to the artist an honest feedback of different parameters of the work of the artist and recommendations of how he could improve their work and their artists career. Top experienced art world participants could ask to become a T-Evaluator under this link:  and artists can check the list of T-Evaluators and ask for a T-Evaluation under this link: