Why does inequality exist in the art world?

[:en]how-the-tech-industry-can-lead-the-charge-on-equality-1013x440According to many research made for many renowned marketing companies and universities* there is a clear dominance of the heterosexual white man in the art world, this profile does not rules only in the art world but in many other sectors of the economy, politics and important decision making of the our society. The current monopolic paradigm (based on “fame”) that exists in the art world of how to measure the importance of the artists and set up prices of the art works allows this dominant profile to consolidate its position without possibility to change it.

But ODBK is offering a model to change that paradigm leaving the decision power to many and not only to an elite rule by the commented dominant profile. The new paradigm proposed by the ODBK measures the importance of the artists and prices of the artworks based on the knowledge in art and taste of representative art world groups allowing a bigger number of people influence directly in the decisions that define the art world. But the first step that we have to take is to trust that with consensus decision making things will change and create a more equal, diverse and democratic art world. Join us at www.odbk.tk in our initiative and be part of a real change for the art world!