How will ODBK create equality and diversity for the art world?


iStock_000065246653_MediumTo create equality and diversity, ODBK plans to increase the number of people who define the art world, because currently this is concentrated in an elite. And we depart from our conception of what the democratization of the art world means (We define this concept in our last article “What does it means democratization the art world?”) And in a few words we mean to expand the number of people who influence two important decisions that define the art world: the importance of the artists and the price of the art works.

Our strategy to democratize the art world is to use a new way to measure the importance of the artists and setting up a cap-price for the art works. This is based in a new paradigm: the taste and knowledge in art of representative groups that compose the art world. In the ODBK we called the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC). And the system to measure is what we called the Pure Taste Indicator or PTI. The PTI is calculated based on an alternative economy model called PARECON (Participative Economy) and two different democracy mechanisms the Referendum and the Demarchy.

So our goal is to increase the participants of the art world like curators, art institutions, artists, etc who use the PTI index as a serious way to estimate the importance of the artists and cap-prices of the art works. In this way hidden variables of the current art world like manipulation, corruption, speculation or nepotism will not take place and the number of people who influence that important decisions increase. And as consequence the distribution of money and opportunities is more homogenous distributed between a more diverse kind of artists