AI applied to the art world

originalRecently I was invited to apply to a residency in Dresden, Germany, where the topic for the project ist “Artificial Intelligence and Social Transformation”. This sentence let me think about how the AI can be applied to the PTI and the ODBK Project. A couple of months ago I had a meeting with the Artsy and they are already working on a project taking information from the social media to detect patterns or tendencies of taste in art of the people. These projects gave me the tip where the AI can be applied to the ODBK aim.

The first is being applied to the level of knowledge in art of the AMARC participants. The definition of the level of influence of the AMARC members in the PTI ist in direct relation with the level of knowledge in art and experience of the evaluator. And until this moment is a process done manually with five different levels. Building an AI system  this procedure will be automatic, the amount of  information is huge and complex. It will be the perfect environment to “learn” from their experiences.

The second consists of creating a second iteration for the PTI and the Cap-price for artworks calculation processes. At this moment the PTI is calculated based on the results of the evaluations executed by the AMARC. The complementary idea is gather information from other sources like social media, build an AI system to execute a recalculation based in what the system has learned from their experiences on the data. So, what do you think? This will open a new landscape of possibilities for the Ai applied to the Art world.